Pattaya Monkey Island

Pattaya Monkey Island is an exciting destination where visitors can enjoy both natural landscapes and interactions with monkeys, making it popular among families and tourists. A visit to this place offers a unique experience of nature and bonding with monkeys, providing an enjoyable time in Pattaya.

Pattaya Monkey Island

This place, also known as Ko Ling, Ko Pet, or Ko Klet Kaeo, is well known to foreigners as Monkey Island. Here, thousands of long-tailed macaques or crab-eating macaques reside.

As their names suggest, they primarily feed on crustaceans like shrimp or crabs, as well as fish. However, with an increasing population, they have become more reliant on food provided by tourists. With the decrease in tourists during the current pandemic, the monkey population has also decreased.

Owner of Monkey Island in Pattaya: Crab-eating macaques

The monkeys living on Monkey Island in Pattaya are Crab-eating macaques, scientifically known as “Macaca fascicularis.” They are primarily found in South and Southeast Asia.

Distribution and habitat

They are primarily found in India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, and other regions.

These monkeys inhabit various environments, including tropical rainforests, coastal areas, riverbanks, agricultural areas, and urban areas.

Social structure and behavior

They are known to be social animals and live in groups. Within the group, a hierarchical structure is formed.

There are male monkeys that play the role of leaders and female monkeys that form the dominant hierarchy. While the leadership role of male monkeys may change depending on their dominance, the dominant female monkey group maintains its status, which is often inherited by their offspring.

Dietary habits

Crab-eating macaques primarily consume a vegetarian diet. Their diet includes fruits, seeds, leaves, plant roots, flowers, small animals, and insects.

However, as their name suggests, they sometimes also eat crabs and other crustaceans. The monkeys living on Monkey Island in Pattaya also primarily eat crabs and other crustaceans.

파타야 원숭이섬 원숭이

Attractions on Monkey Island in Pattaya

Natural landscapes and activities

Tranquil Beach Vacation: Pattaya Monkey Island is perfectly suited for relaxation, surrounded by picturesque beaches and crystal-clear waters. Here, you can bask in the sunlight and listen to the sound of waves, enjoying nature to the fullest.

Thrilling Snorkeling: Explore the underwater ecosystem around the island and enjoy snorkeling. Discover a variety of marine life and vibrant coral reefs.

Interaction with Monkeys

Adorable Philippine Monkeys: The stars of this place are undoubtedly the Philippine monkeys. You can observe their playful antics as they swim and frolic in the sea.

Interacting with Monkeys: You can take photos with the monkeys or feed them. The monkeys on this island are gentle, so there’s no need to be afraid.

Monkey Island View

The morning sun rises, I wake up, welcoming the morning on Pattaya Monkey Island, stretching out my long tail and feeling the sea breeze.

I spread my body under the blue sky, reaching out my arms, ready to play with my monkey friends, gathering for breakfast.

Eating coconuts and fruits to fuel up, as time passes listening to the sound of waves on the sea during the lazy afternoon, waiting for the day to unfold.

As lunchtime approaches, we are ready, waiting for tourists to come, hanging from branches, tilting our heads with charm.

Excitedly anticipating the arrival of guests with cameras and laptops, we wave from high trees, welcoming them with smiles and amazement.

When tourists arrive on the island, we roam around them with curious eyes, trying to attract attention.

Posing for photos, waving hands, we become the center of attention for a moment, giving bright smiles and sharing moments of friendship together.

As the sun slowly sets and night falls, we return to the peaceful forest of the island together, enjoying the night on Pattaya Monkey Island.

As the day comes to an end, we’re always here, waiting for tourists as the mascots of Pattaya Monkey Island.

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