Lovely island, Ko Lan Pattaya

“Ko Lan Pattaya is a small island located about 7.5km from Pattaya, Thailand. It boasts beautiful white beaches and stunning blue sea, surrounded by natural landscapes. Visitors can enjoy snorkeling and various water sports activities on this popular tourist destination. Ko Lan Pattaya is an attractive spot for travelers seeking relaxation and marine leisure activities in the vicinity.”

How to get to Ko Lan:

Ko Lan can be reached from the Bali Hai Pier in Pattaya by speedboat or ferry. Speedboats cost around 300 baht for a round trip, while the ferry costs about 60 baht.

There are two piers on Ko Lan: Na Baan Pier and Tawaen Beach. If you don’t have a specific destination in mind, you can go to Tawaen Beach.

The Charm of Ko Lan Pattaya

Ko Lan Pattaya Charms:

  1. Natural Beauty and Beaches: The stunning beaches with clear blue waters and white sands are the main allure of Pattaya’s Ko Lan Island, known as Ko Lan in Thai. Encircled by a variety of beaches of different sizes and shapes, it offers ample opportunities for relaxation by the shore.
  2. Marine Sports and Activities: Snorkeling: It’s a popular activity for observing beautiful marine life in the transparent waters. Scuba Diving: Explore the stunning fish and coral reefs at various diving sites around Ko Lan. Other Activities: Jet skiing, banana boat rides, parasailing, kayaking, and more water sports activities are available.
  3. Relaxation and Leisure: Beachside Relaxation: Beach chairs and shades are available for a comfortable time by the shore. Beach Cafes and Bars: Enjoy seafood dishes and drinks at the beachfront cafes and bars for a leisurely time.
  4. Nighttime Scenes: Sunsets and Night Views: Experience romantic moments watching the sunset from the beach. Night Markets and Entertainment: In the evening, various shops open along the beach, and outdoor restaurants and nightclubs create a lively atmosphere.

Ko Lan Island Beaches

Escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and travel to Ko Lan Island in Pattaya, where the blue sky meets crystal-clear waves. Fall in love with the charm of its white sand beaches and evening sunsets, and indulge in exciting water sports and relaxation. Experience the tranquility of nature and adventure all in one place at Ko Lan Island in Pattaya, where your dream getaway becomes a reality.
Tawaen Beach

Tawaen Beach, one of the most developed beaches on Koh Larn, attracts many visitors with its stunning scenery and a wide range of leisure activities. It serves as a paradise for relaxation where nature and leisure harmonize, offering various avenues for enjoyment.

A Haven for Various Activities and Leisure:
Tawaen Beach provides opportunities to enjoy the pleasures of water through various activities. From jet skiing to banana boating, the beach offers thrilling experiences on the transparent blue waters, enhancing your adventure.

Convenience and Comfort:
For those seeking a leisurely time at the beach, Tawaen Beach features a Seven Eleven convenience store and an Amazon Café. Here, you can purchase essentials and snacks, or relax indoors with a cup of coffee at Amazon Café, ensuring a comfortable experience.

Harmony of Scenery and Leisure:
The beautiful scenery of Tawaen Beach provides an unparalleled view for leisurely strolls along the shore, allowing you to immerse yourself in a serene atmosphere. Find your tranquil space to relax amidst nature and create lasting memories of your journey.

Samae Beach

Samae Beach is a fantastic resort destination with its crystal-clear blue sea and gentle breeze. Flowing along the white sandy beach, the clear and blue seawater makes it an excellent choice. Especially during the peak season, 800 to 3000 visitors from both domestic and international locations come to enjoy the beauty of this place.

Convenient Access and Comfortable Relaxation
The transportation cost from Na Ban Pier to Samae Beach is only 50 baht, making it affordable and easy to get to. The daily rental cost of beach chairs ranges from 50 to 100 baht, providing an inexpensive option for visitors. There are various restaurants along the beach where you can enjoy a variety of foods. Additionally, if needed, you can bring your own food and enjoy it comfortably. Conveniently, you can also order food and drinks directly from your beach chair.

537-Meter Beach Stroll and Various Activities
Samae Beach stretches 537 meters, offering a beautiful beach for leisurely walks or jogging. The distance from one end to the other is approximately 1 kilometer. Moreover, you can enjoy various activities such as jet skiing, banana boat rides, and snorkeling.

Tien Beach

Tien Beach, located in the middle of Koh Larn Island, is renowned for its stunning blue sea and white sandy shore, making it a top-notch resort destination. This beach is filled with restaurants and souvenir shops, offering an upscale yet uniquely Thai atmosphere to enjoy.

Tranquil Space and Spectacular Natural Scenery
Tien Beach operates year-round with minimal fluctuations in tourist numbers depending on the season. Known for its extremely serene and peaceful ambiance, it predominantly attracts small groups of visitors seeking tranquil relaxation. It’s a place where you can experience the elegance of nature and the charm of Thailand together, creating special moments at Tien Beach.

Various Transportation Options and Convenient Access
You can access Tien Beach through various means of transportation such as speedboats, charter buses, and local taxis. If you’re arriving by motorcycle, it’s about a 5-minute walk from the drop-off point as there are no roads leading directly to the beach.

Nual Beach

Nual Beach, situated at the southernmost tip of Koh Larn Island, attracts many visitors with its beautiful coastline and diverse activities. It serves as another fantastic beach on the island, perfect for relaxing and leisurely enjoyment.

Various Facilities and Activity Opportunities
Nual Beach is equipped with facilities such as restaurants and restrooms, providing opportunities for various activities.

Harmony of Nature and Civilization
Nual Beach offers a natural setting without artificial structures. Beachfront hut-style restaurants blend harmoniously with nature, creating a charming atmosphere.

Cheerful Encounters and Unique Experiences
Nual Beach is home to a small group of monkeys. Visitors can encounter these monkeys living on the hillside.

Ko Lan Pattaya View

With the sound of swirling sea and the sharp scent in the air, I find myself immersed in the untamed delight of Ko Lan Pattaya’s soft white beaches. The intense sunlight illuminates the blue sea, while relaxation beckons me, embracing me with radiant smiles and the comfort of leisure in this lively sanctuary.

Beneath the waves lie precious treasures, all hidden within this place, where the key to adventure is nestled between sand and wind. Becoming a free spirit amidst picturesque landscapes, Ko Lan Pattaya remains eternally as a sanctuary filled with rest and joy.

Leaving behind the tumultuous world, I’ve discovered here a place where I can breathe amidst peaceful nature and beneath the sun’s rays. The relaxation of Ko Lan Pattaya will linger as an everlasting memory, singing of its beauty and comfort in my heart forevermore.

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