Koh Sak Pattaya

Koh Sak Island, located near Pattaya, is shaped like a horse’s hoof and boasts two beaches, one on the north and the other on the south. These beaches are popular for snorkeling, diving, and relaxing on the sandy shores. For those seeking a perfect island tour during a day trip from Pattaya, Koh Sak is an excellent choice .

The location of Koh Sak Pattaya

Characteristics of Koh Sak Island

Koh Sak is a small island shaped like an inverted horseshoe, covering an area of 0.4 square kilometers. It is situated approximately 600 meters from Koh Larn Island and about 10 kilometers from Bali Hai Pier in southern Pattaya.

Methods to Visit Koh Sak Island and boat fees

  • Private boats can be chartered for around 2,000 baht, allowing you to explore the island at your own pace.
  • For a more budget-friendly option, join a group tour heading in the same direction for approximately 600 baht.


The island features two main beaches:

    • Northern Beach: Stretching 250 meters, this beach is a popular spot for swimming and snorkeling. Tour boats frequently anchor here.
    • Southern Beach: A smaller, 80-meter-long beach, perfect for those seeking solitude and relaxation.

The charm of Koh Sak.

Luxury beach resort following in the footsteps of royalty.

Koh Sak was originally a private estate of the Royal Thai Air Force Commander-in-Chief, established as a resort to welcome guests from the city. It has hosted domestic and international royalty and dignitaries. Currently, it is open to general tourists and offers modest accommodation options.

Along the fence of Koh Sak Beach, the handprints and footprints of famous figures from around the world are engraved. These imprints span over 50 meters along the beach.

Two beaches

North Beach: Paradise on the Beach
The north beach of Koh Sak Pattaya stretches approximately 250 meters, known for its expansive coastline and as a docking spot for tourist boats. The water is clear and transparent, while the white sand beach is ideal for leisurely relaxation. During the day, you can enjoy water activities here using tourist boats and return safely to the shore in the evening.

South Beach: Haven for Snorkelers
Although smaller, the south beach is a beautiful stretch boasting about 80 meters in length. Abundant coral reefs make it an optimal spot for snorkeling and diving. Connected by a walking path, these two beaches offer the chance to double your enjoyment of the island’s charm.

A peaceful resort destination

Koh Sak offers an ideal retreat for travelers seeking a tranquil atmosphere, presenting a beautiful landscape where white sands and clear waters harmonize. Experience a peaceful and unique getaway on Koh Sak Island.

The view of Koh Sak Pattaya

Beneath the enchanting night sky of Koh Sak, where stars dance gracefully,

Ownership of this island has changed, marking a new chapter in history.

As the sun sets on Chulakorn’s era, successors lead with dreams anew.

From kings to queens and even princes, captivating the world’s gaze.

Today, Koh Sak welcomes travelers, its doors open day and night.

Simple dwellings sans air conditioning or electricity offer peaceful repose.

Beneath the starlit sky, Koh Sak’s nights are even more beautiful with echoes of history.

Amidst Pattaya’s bustling city, taste the unique charm found only here.

Above all, beneath the starlight, behold the beauty of Koh Sak.

On this night, guided by the stars, embark on sweet dreams.

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